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We are living in times of great challenges and transformations like never before. A new business model is emerging in recent years, and we are certain it will become the only possible model in the future. It is the benefit corporation, born in the wake of the US B Corp movement and introduced into our legal system since 2016. Italy has been a pioneer of benefit corporations in Europe and among the first countries in the world to have such legislation. Today, there are at least 2000 benefit corporations in Italy.

What are Benefit Corporations

According to the definition proposed by our legal system, Benefit Corporations are companies that, in the exercise of economic activity, in addition to the purpose of distributing profits, pursue one or more common benefit objectives and operate responsibly, sustainably, and transparently towards people, communities, territories, the environment, cultural and social assets and activities, entities and associations, and other stakeholders.

Benefit Corporations completely transcend the opposition between for-profit and non-profit enterprises and present a new answer: companies capable of pursuing their own profits while simultaneously having a positive impact on civil society and the environment, even in the long term. In fact, the dual purposes, established and protected in the Bylaws, are even synergistic.

The cornerstone of this new legal qualification is the concept of 'common benefit,' meaning the production of positive effects or the reduction of negative effects on one or more individuals, communities, territories, the environment, cultural and social assets and activities, entities, and associations.

68-Our commitment

Our commitment

Consult-ant conducts its business by balancing profit objectives with social commitment. These are the common benefit purposes that Consult-ant has included in its Bylaws and to which it dedicates its commitment:

  • Promotes, in the course of its professional activity, a relationship with clients and all stakeholders based on trust, transparency, clarity, active collaboration, and understanding, striving to reduce communication and relational gaps.
  • Promotes, in the course of its professional activity, among its partners, clients, and the general public, knowledge, culture, and awareness regarding entrepreneurial management based on responsibility and fairness and advocates for the dissemination of virtuous business models and economic systems.
  • Promotes, within its commitment to sustainability, partnerships and collaborations with associations, institutions, etc., with the aim of amplifying the impact of its commitment and initiatives.
  • Provides transparent and responsible management to enhance the best relationship with clients and partners, offering competence, professionalism, confidentiality, listening, and understanding.

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